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03. CLASSIC PUMP - lasting and finishing

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03. CLASSIC PUMP - lasting and finishing


This is a course of 2 practical workshops.

Within the first full day you learn how to assemble a classic pump. You will traditionally hand last, sand, attach an outsole and a heel.

The second day workshop is around 3 hours, where you remove the last (as the shoe has to take the shape of the last over night ) , secure the heel, insert the insole, finish and polish.

This is the last (very intensive) course out of 4 at the end of which you will have a ready-made shoe in your hands.

This workshop is the next step after a CLASSIC PUMP-PATTERNMAKING, CUTTING AND SEWING workshop where you make a pattern and have a finished stitched upper of a classic pump ready for lasting.

As usual, classes are small- no more than 2 students and are held in my studio in Montréal. 

Course Dates


Time: morning, TBC


one block from Metro Mt-Royal.

Materials Included

  • A selection of shoe lasts in size 37 to use during the course (possible to have other shoe sizes upon request)
  • outsoles and heels
  • shoe components, glues
  • shoemaking tools


Please bring an apron.