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02. CLASSIC PUMP - cutting and sewing


02. CLASSIC PUMP - cutting and sewing


This is a practical workshop where you finish all patterns (in addition to the master pattern) and will be cutting and sewing the upper + prepare everything for the lasting. Some of the techniques that you learn would be sewing, skiving, putting pieces together, applying different finishes for the top line.

This workshop is the next step after an 01. CLASSIC PUMP course where you make the master pattern.

Suggestion before the workshop- think of the material you would like to use for the pump.

Classes are small- no more than 2 students and are held in my studio in Montréal, one block from Metro Mt-Royal.

Course Dates

January  21

Time: 10:00- 14:00

Materials Included

  • A selection of shoe lasts in size 37 to use during the course (possible to have other shoe sizes upon request)
  • outsoles and heels
  • shoe components
  • materials for the upper and lining
  • shoemaking tools


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