Rules, regulations, decrees, acts are popping up left and right. Laws that subvert common sense and moral codes, what do we do with them? We challenge them through the inner-city adventures!

Urban Pirate is a high heel sturdy pull-on boot for a cosmopolitan buccaneer. Elevated and bold, this shoe puts you back in charge of your vessel.

Hand crafted by few master shoemakers in Montréal, this is the first high heel boot from the Terranaut project. Charcoal black distressed Italian suede was acquired in small quantities and possesses some exceptional tangible properties. Bend and wrinkle it and will preserve its shape. Rub it and that area will shine, making it look like it has seen the world. Daring geometry of the shoe last and a unique wooden heel create a recognizable profile that stands out from the crowd. Ever-present is a red aged industrial rivet with Anastasia’s coat of arms, representing artisan nature of the product.