“No trespassing”, “Detour”, “No Loitering” – there is always some invisible rule-maker that attempts to define how we should proceed. Yet in reality, you are free to choose your own path anytime, just listen to that burning heart of yours.

Ruby Rebel boots reflect your flaming and disobedient nature anywhere you dare to go.

Hand crafted by few shoe masters in Montréal, these smooth to the touch yet rugged looking deep-red leather boots are labor of love and determination. A small curated batch of premium quality Italian leathers ensures a limited run of this particular boot. Heel buckle strap visually grounds your feet so you look primed and confident. Hand carved and stained hard leather outsole carries a laser engraved coordinates of the Terranaut project idea origin. Zipper puller proudly riveted with Anastasia’s coat of arms that proclaims freedom and inspiration for all.