If you wish to live to your full potential, then there comes a time when you need to step over the hedge. Some fences are tall and physical; others are mental and are even taller. Free your mind!

Fence Jumper boots are here to keep your feet sheltered in style so the mind could jump over matter.

Artisan made by few shoe masters in Montréal, these boots have their own story. Oversized dual strap metal buckle is a symbol of its wearer's reign over her body and spirit. Rugged looking, this Italian leather is powdery soft to the touch and comes in two colors: Dark Bronze with metallic shin and Honest Cuoio. Hand stained hard leather outsoles feature laser engraved coordinates of the origin of the Terranaut project. Upper body closes with a zipper and a snap. Red aged industrial rivet with Anastasia's coat of arms as a reminder of the grass-roots of the shoes.