Have you noticed how most underground places in any town always have a train track nearby? The invigorating mélange of railroad ties’ creosote, hogweed and wild flowers create that unforgettable smell of freedom from the matrix of the city.

Train Yard boot is just that, footwear that makes itself at home at metropolitan centers as well as city’s alternative zones. Crossing these boundaries is your call.

Manually constructed by few shoe masters in Montréal, these distressed firm leather boots are a labour of love and sweat. Robust Italian leather may be wrinkled to any shape and it will preserve it. With zippers on both sides, getting in and out is well thought out or you may unzip the boots for a loose look. Hand carved and stained hard leather outsole has a classic rubber military bottom for city trekking. Anastasia's coat of arms on a red industrial rivet graces the top of the boot as a stamp of approval.